The Marches

Every year Linlithgow hosts an ancient and rustic tradition known as The Marches. All the Towns Civic groups are involved. The Round Table puts together and organises the sale of the Program to accompany the event. We travel to all the nooks and crannies of the town selling the magazine with all sale proceeds going into our charity fund.

The Marches Day itself starts early with us meeting for a drink and breakfast at 7am in the 4 Marys ! We then have our Float entry judged, have a beer, and join the Procession as it starts off for Linlithgow Bridge. Another beer. Procession moves back to the Lowport. Have a beer. We then get a bus to Blackness for the speeches with some “Blackness Milk”. We lunch back at The Four Marys with some beer before finishing the day in the Parade as it circles the Cross. All in all a one off event not to be missed by any resident of Linlithgow! To take part, however, makes it something quite unique.

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