Linlithgow Steet Fair Balloon Extravaganza!

For the past 8 years, Linlithgow Round Table have held a balloon race at the street fair.  This has always been a well-received event and has allowed us to help lots of local groups raise funds.  As well as providing an impressive sight when the balloons are released we have raised over £15,000 to put back into the community.

We have always been conscious of the environmental concerns that surround these events and have been looking for alternative ideas for the future.  Consequntly, we thought that this would be the last year that we held the balloon race…. However, we were caught off guard with the council’s announcement in the Gazette that such events releasing balloons into the air were banned from public areas in West Lothian from April 1st this year.

Up until this point, a lot of work had gone on behind the scenes organising the race, with our brilliant sponsors from the Ashman and West Port Vets already nvolved, balloons printed and art work etc ready to go, as well as prize donations from local businesses who support us so well in this event.

Therefore, rather than cancel it completely, we are planning an alternative balloon event at the street fair where no helium will be used and the balloons will not be released into the air.  We are still going to be selling balloons as a chance to win the prizes, but instead of being won through winning a race, we will be popping them all which should be quite entertaining!

Hope to see as many people as possible along to support and witness the event on Sat 13th May from midday!